9 Months – 24 months

Mondays from 9:30 – 11:00am

The Parent-Child program provides an opportunity for parents/caregivers and children to enjoy a very special time together. Under the direction of a certified Montessori teacher, this class meets weekly in a prepared Montessori environment. Here they are enveloped in a child-sized world and provided with working materials within the child’s easy reach. Opportunities for exercise and training of the large and small muscles, developing eye-hand coordination, and improving balance are provided.

As the adult observes the child, he/she becomes increasingly aware of interests and needs. These observations are recorded in a journal provided by the school and gifted to the family at the end of the year. Additionally, journaling topics are given that relate to common parenting challenges and help to provide a Montessori-lens on child development. Ideas for incorporating Montessori philosophy in the home setting are shared, and adults engage in supportive group discussion.

…They must be doing something right!

…I wanted to share with you something that made me feel very proud. Last Friday, I drove for lower elementary’s field trip to the Chicago Symphony. After the show, we proceeded to Miller’s pub for lunch with all our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. Lots of children, their teacher and 4 moms (including myself). As we were leaving the restaurant and every child put on their jackets and walked orderly down from the second floor where we were, I overheard a group of 4 businessmen at a table next to ours comment on how good the children were. One man in a gray suit commented at how well behaved and quiet the kids were. The other man said that eating out with his 2 kids is like going to a zoo. I couldn’t help but comment on what I heard so I thanked them for their compliments then they asked if we were from a school and I said we were with Montessori in Long Grove. One man said “wow, you couldn’t even tell your table was full of children!” And as I walked away I heard the other man say “They must be doing something right!”

Ethel Berger, Parent