The Montessori School of Long Grove is a Community of adults and children working together with the principal aim of helping children develop their own personal potential academically, socially, physically and emotionally. We have adopted the Montessori philosophy as a way of life and we use Montessori methods and materials to help us achieve our goals. We believe strongly that our students’ daily school experience should be a happy and rewarding one. Our students are eager to learn, develop a joy of learning as well as a desire to know as much about their world as possible.

Because children learn in relation to their environment, the Montessori School of Long Grove provides pleasant, comfortable indoor and outdoor surroundings. Multiage groupings and our emphasis on cooperation, respect for the environment, as well as the rights and needs of others makes it possible for our classrooms to function as small communities.

We believe that, as much as possible, children should have the opportunity to learn through their own experience and research. Learning by doing enhances a child’s self-esteem. The classrooms are rich in materials, many of which provide concrete representation of abstract concepts. The many animals, along with the vegetable and flower gardens provide opportunities to learn respect for all living things in addition to serving as the basis for our study of biology and botany.

Our curriculum is an integrated one. Math, language, history and geography, for example may all be learned while researching an ancient civilization or the customs and culture of another country. Art, music, cooking and physical education are also integral parts of the curriculum. The school is staffed with experienced, certified Montessori teachers and carefully selected assistants trained in the Montessori methods and philosophy. Teachers have earned AMS or AMI credentials appropriate to the level they teach.

Visitors are always welcome at the Montessori School of Long Grove. Please call for an appointment (847-634-0430) to tour our school and observe a classroom.