We looked at every Montessori school with an elementary program when selecting a school for our daughters. When our daughter first visited MSLG for the day she said, “It feels just like home.” MSLG provides the best of a home schooling experience with the added benefits of a robust school community and high quality Montessori teachers and materials. Students are supported in their individual learning paths and receive guidance to become their own best selves. Now that both our children have graduated from MSLG, we can clearly see the qualities the environment help instill: leadership, curiosity, initiative, appreciation for the natural environment, and empathy for others. They not only received a great academic start but have developed skills that will help them become strong contributing members in the world at large for the rest of their lives.

Jennifer Currier, parent


I am especially indebted to our preschool teachers. They did excellent work with our children but they also did excellent work with us. We were new to parenting and were anxious and unsure of ourselves. Our 3-6 classroom teacher in particular provided calm, measured, and experienced advice. We are grateful that we had guidance from experienced teachers. We were constantly reminded to “Follow the Child.” And that is something we still try to do. Some of the best advice that we received was to send our daughters to lower elementary.

Sending children to private school is a difficult decision but one that we are extremely happy with. Sending children to Montessori is a leap of faith. After all, there are no tests or grades to help a parent determine if their children are learning anything. And there were times when we wondered if it was worth the expense. What we received in return was a tremendous gift. Our daughters were given an education without limits. They were given the freedom to choose their own education, to take charge of it and take it as far as they could.

Lastly, our daughters have been given an opportunity to take charge in their own lives. We believe this experience will give them skills to make good decisions as they grow through life. Children in traditional schools have all of the decisions made for them. Montessori makes decision-making part of the work cycle. Choose, prepare, work, put away, and rest. Our children are better prepared for life because they have been given the opportunity to make choices.

Nicholas Michaud, parent

I have a lot of people that ask me WHY I send my kids to a Montessori school at the first and fourth grade level. It doesn’t seem like a wise decision given the public schools in my neighborhood are very highly ranked and included in my taxes.

Maria Montessori said, ” Education is not what the teacher gives. Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the individual, and is acquired NOT by listening to words but by the experiences upon the environment. The task of the teacher becomes that of preparing a series of motives of activity, and then refraining from obtrusive interference. doing so, the teacher will be witness to the unfolding of a New Man who will not be the victim off events, but will have the clarity of vision to direct and shape the Future of Human Society.”

This is the dream I wish for my children.. I wish for them to learn from their own experiences. I wish for them to be leaders and not followers. For them to make a difference in this crazy world we live in. For them not to be swayed by other people’s opinions and be strong enough in their own convictions. To be kind and compassionate to other people and G-d’s creations. To respect people of every kind, not just the ones that are similar to us. I believe that my kids’ school is my partner in raising my children to be these such individuals.. And that is why I send them there.

I picked up my son from school today & asked him, “how’d everything go today?”
J-” It was great, mom! I can’t wait to get home to show you something.”

We got home and he was so excited to show me some work that he did. Even though he finished the project, he did it again just to show me HOW he did it. The look in his eyes….. such a sense of pride and so genuinely happy. My heart was truly filled with joy, love, and admiration … I asked him, “Do you like this school better?”
J-“Yes! I’m so happy to be back!” and I am so happy that we made the right decision for him — feeling proud at Montessori School of Long Grove.

Sandra Aristodemo, parent


…I wanted to share with you something that made me feel very proud. Last Friday, I drove for lower elementary’s field trip to the Chicago Symphony. After the show, we proceeded to Miller’s pub for lunch with all our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. Lots of children and only Iuditha and 4 moms (including myself). As we were leaving the restaurant and every child put on their jackets and walked orderly down from the second floor where we were, I overheard a group of 4 businessmen at a table next to ours comment on how good the children were. One man in a gray suit commented at how well behaved and quiet the kids were. The other man said that eating out with his 2 kids is like going to a zoo. I couldn’t help but comment on what I heard so I thanked them for their compliments then they asked if we were from a school and I said we were with Montessori in Long Grove. One man said “wow, you couldn’t even tell your table was full of children!” And as I walked away I heard the other man say “They must be doing something right!”
Ethel Berger, parent