Our program for two-year-olds provides an opportunity for young children to experience a social setting away from home and parents, as well as to function in a group of children their own age, and to relate to adults other than their parents. This Montessori experience is a comfortable first step away from home and into the larger community. A home visit by the teacher for each family encourages a smooth and positive separation for the child on the road to becoming more independent.

Guided by an experienced and certified Montessori trained teacher along with an assistant, the environment is prepared especially for the young child with materials for language development, practical life and sensory skills predominating. These exercises encourage concentration, independence, sensitivity to one’s surroundings and awareness to order. These experiences form the base upon which the sequence of advanced Montessori materials builds. Our cozy, home-like environment with plenty of natural light helps to ensure that this first school experience be one that creates joy of living and learning as the young child is gently guided toward independent self-directed learning. Parents, staff and children also work together on learning to use the toilet as readiness occurs.