Each primary class is composed of a balanced mixture of three to six-year-old children. The Montessori curriculum and learning materials are sequenced in such a way that each child can progress at his or her own pace. The large many windowed classrooms are furnished with child-sized equipment and a full complement of the concrete materials scientifically developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to meet the educational needs of this age group. Many opportunities are made available for students to achieve their highest academic potential. Students learn to care independently for their personal needs, practice fine motor skills, develop their creative abilities, sharpen their senses, acquire the social skills necessary to become happy productive members of society, and develop an understanding of their own and others’ emotional needs. There is time for outdoor group play and physical education in our larger outdoor area.

There is a four or five-day option for the three and four-year-olds. All the children arrive at 8:30am. Classes end for the three and four-year-olds at 11:30am. An optional “Lunch Bunch” program allows three and four year olds to bring their lunch to school and stay until 12:30 pm Monday-Thursday. During lunch students integrate the Montessori Grace and Courtesy lessons they have learned. There is time for social interaction and for the study of health and nutrition.

The children in their last year of the primary program (Extended Day) stay until 2:30 pm five days a week. Extended Day accommodates the children’s ability to study for a longer period of time, and helps prepare them for elementary. Extended Day students benefit from a low teacher to student ration and spend their afternoons working with advanced materials. Special projects and field trips are an important part of this program as well.