The Montessori School of Long Grove is a small, private, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution founded in 1975 by Bob and Margaret Riley, longtime residents of Long Grove. The Riley family continues to own the property and building which house the school. Their grand-children graduated many years ago and their great-grandchildren are enrolled today! We have grown over the years from one classroom for children ages three to six, to a school able to serve the needs of children ages ten months to twelve years and their families.

The school is accredited by the American Montessori Society and is a full member of the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools. It is also registered with the Illinois State Board of Education. MSLG is a nonsectarian school that accepts students of all races, nationalities and creeds.

Our two-and-a-half-acre site offers our students a large outdoor area for science exploration. Botany, biology, entomology, geography, and ornithology are a few sciences available when the students use the outdoor area as their science laboratory. Outdoor recreation and free play occur throughout the day for students at every level. Our outdoor area creates space for flower and vegetable gardens, outdoor animals and a large sand area.


It is the mission of the Montessori School of Long Grove to guide, nurture and educate children in an environment of love, respect, peace and beauty so that they will continue into adulthood to be strong, capable and independent citizens while meeting their highest academic potential.